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Our Vision

Cohesion strengths to create value, be a respectable company. 

Our Mission

Provide professional support and system integrated service for steel industry in order to maximize the value of clients, shareholders, employees and society’

Our Core Value

Inherit Innovation; Contribute Value; Share Success; Benefit Society

Operation Philosophy

Create value for clients, profits for shareholders and opportunities for employees.

Management Philosophy

Strict, Standard, Effective, Elaborate.

Service Philosophy

Create value for clients with first-class products and services.

Products Philosophy

Earn continuous competitive strengths by high quality and influence.

Talents Philosophy

Concentration brings professional achievements; Ambition determines height of enterprise; Accumulate talents from all corners.

Employment Philosophy

Refinement makes talents who get trust and tolerance by obligation and honesty.

Safety Philosophy

Safety first; Precaution scientifically.

Environmental Protection Philosophy

Mutual Assistance of human and nature; Co-existence of civilization and environment.

Teamwork Philosophy

ne of  is as smart as all of .

Common Values

1. Set goals and carry out, consequence speaks for real skills.

2. Strive for loyalty and obligation; Compete for responsibility and contribution.

3. Tell truth by numbers, win dignity by achievement; What to do determines where to go.

4. Create value by high efficiency instead of high number of people. 

5. Be patient, presentable and persuasive

6. Never complain, sluggish; solve problem and make it perfect.

7. Do complicate things simply, easy things proficiently, proficient things attentively.

8. No recommendation without training; No promotion without cultivating.

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